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For years I worked as a designer always producing work that other people asked for. Now, finally for the first time, I am creating art that I love and that makes me happy.  I design a range of Wall Art Prints, and Gift Cards, full of wild flowers, soft scripty calligraphy and all the day dreams in the world. I use a variety of water colours, acrylic paint, pens and ink and the occasional colored pencil to create my original designs. They are then digitally enhanced and prepared, ready to find a place in your heart.

I spend hours looking and vintage botany prints and bouquets or wild flowers and being an eternally positive person, my quotes are always positive and hopelessly romantic.

I take a huge amount of influence from my years working as a textile designer in the Australian fashion industry as well as growing up in a Swedish home surrounded by beautiful folky motifs.

My hope is that my beautiful illustrations will find their way into your home to decorate your walls and bring you a smile every time you walk passed.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and two little angels, who often want to help me in the studio. Hopefully you will find something in my shop that inspires you.

thanks for stopping by.


(by the way Maj is swedish for May)

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