A study of the wild flowers of Australia

A collection of paintings by Artist Lisa Schroder.

This collection is about blooming under fire. It’s about celebrating those that have the courage to let their beauty out, when things get hot. This collection celebrates those who are often overlooked but when you take the time to admire them, you see beauty in their strength.

As with any painting, they start with an unassuming white page and then as there is a dance between the artist, the paper and the pigments, you see this birth of not just and image, but a feeling. A feeling of freedom, confidence and the pure essence of strength.

The flowers that I have chosen to paint, are not “Fair weather flowers” they are not delicate and timid. They are strong in the face of the harsh sun and the heat of the fire. Their beauty is unassuming and yet to resilient. Each piece is woven together with every brush stroke a dance on the paper to form a visual piece of storytelling. While this collection feels very intimate to me, I hope it also speaks to YOU.

Let me take you behind the door of my studio so that you can see why the wild beauty of Australia has captured my heart so. In this collection I wanted to capture that strength in the face of fire, that subtle and often overlooked beauty and also the strength. I wanted to honor the Banksia, whose seed pod only opens after a fire.