How to earn an income as an artist.

News flash…. The art industry has changed significantly in the last 30 years. Previously you could only sell your art through a gallery, which was a tightly controlled industry. Other than that you self represented selling commissions wherever possible or selling your art from door to door from the boot of your car. Now thanks

My bullet journey

When I first started my journey with LisaMaj I always knew that notebooks would be one of my favourite things to make and design. I already had a love affair with notebooks so it was as natural as breathing to start my own line of notebooks. I have always been a collector of beautiful notebooks.

The little girl with red hair

One of the things that I LOVE about being an artist is how instinctual the process is. There are plenty of artist’s that paint the same thing and do it over and over. If you have been to the markets and seen the guy with 20 paintings all of boats on the ocean, then you

Do flowers sing?

Flowers have always been my favorite. (Along with tea in a pretty cup) I am so inspired by how happy they always seem. Whether they are in a vase, a garden or a field, they seem to sing a song of their own. Flowers are the happiness in natures song. I am launching a floral