Do flowers sing?

Flowers have always been my favorite. (Along with tea in a pretty cup) I am so inspired by how happy they always seem. Whether they are in a vase, a garden or a field, they seem to sing a song of their own. Flowers are the happiness in natures song.

I am launching a floral series called “Flowers do sing”, where I will be exploring colour, happiness and shape. To be honest I am so excited about this series and I can’t wait to see what paintings come from it.

You will be able to follow the journey along with me on my social media accounts as I will be posting a w hole heap of progress and finished photo’s. I have had a huge amount of interest in my new series and the first one, was snapped up by a happy buyer very quickly. Follow along by following my social media accounts and choosing “Turn on post notifications” in the top on my instagram posts.

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