Downloadable DIY gift wrap.

I have a surprise that I have been working on just for YOU.

This year (2019) I have decided was the year that I was going to spoil you (My amazing subscribers) with lots of little treats.
So many times in business it’s SELL SELL and TAKE TAKE. Well I’m turning the tables on this and this year it will be GIVE GIVE.


I know it’s not a normal business thing to do, but that’s why I like it so much. This year I will be sending YOU free stuff every single month. Not just silly random things either (like here is a pretty flower to put on your laptop) NO I want to do it properly and generously. I will be sending you well thought out, beautiful things that you can print or download and use in your home. Why? well generosity has always been one of the things that I love to do. It just feels right. The people that you care about are the people that you spoil the most right? Well this year, 2019 is about you.

So the first gift from me to you is this downloadable Valentines Gift wrap and card set based from one of my recent watercolour florals. Just print and wrap basically. Easy.

All you need is:
• Colour printer A4.
• Paper
• Craft Knife / Scissors.
• Cutting Mat
• Hole Punch
• Ribbon to tie it together.

What’s the catch. If I’m going to give you lots of free stuff than I need to know that you like me as much as I like you. To start the friendship off you will have to subscribe to my emails. (they are always beautiful, meaningful, on purpose and generally very rare)
Here is the link here to get started.


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